Since the Electricity Industry Law was revised in 2017, Taiwan’s green electricity trading market has gradually taken shape. In order to accelerate the pace of carbon reduction by Taiwanese enterprises and demonstrate their determination to fight the climate crisis, Greenpeace launched the “RE10x10” initiative. Drawing on the spirit of the RE100 initiative, it hopes to gather Taiwan’s small and medium-sized electricity users to jointly commit to using more than 10% green electricity in 2025. Take concrete actions to support green electricity and fight climate change! 🌳 ⚡

RE100 is a global renewable energy initiative led by The Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Joining companies must publicly commit to using 100% green electricity between 2020 and 2050. As Google, Apple, Facebook, HP, Dell, Nike and other international companies have joined RE100, there has been an international wave of green electricity use by companies. As a member of the global supply chain, Beautiful Card Corporation (BCC) must keep up with this industry trend to maintain international competitiveness.

🌱 RE10x10 Initiative Action Plan Goals

Beautiful Card Corporation (BCC) announced that it is committed to achieving the goal of using green electricity to exceed 10% of total electricity consumption by 2025, and signed a letter of intent with Greenpeace.

Friendly to the earth is the corporate purpose of BCC. Net-zero carbon emissions is the common goal of the world. Maintaining the ecological environment and moving towards sustainable development. As the largest chip card manufacturer in Taiwan, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in various fields. This is a beautiful card, so we will incorporate energy transition into one of our policies, learn from the spirit of the international RE100, and jointly develop renewable energy! 🌏 💚

自2017年修訂《電力產業法》以來,台灣綠電交易市場已逐步形成。 為了加速台灣企業減碳步伐,展現應對氣候危機的決心,綠色和平發起「RE10x10」倡議。 借鏡RE100倡議精神,希望凝聚台灣中小型電力用戶,共同承諾2025年使用綠色電力超過10%,以實際行動支持綠色電力,應對氣候變遷!

RE100 是由氣候組織和碳資訊揭露計畫 (CDP) 領導的全球再生能源倡議。 加入企業必須公開承諾在2020年至2050年間使用100%綠色電力。隨著Google、蘋果、Facebook、惠普、戴爾、Nike等國際企業加入RE100,國際上掀起了企業使用綠色電力的浪潮。身為全球供應鏈的一員,第一美卡(BCC)必須緊跟這個產業趨勢,才能保持國際競爭力。

🌱 RE10x10 倡議行動計畫目標


對地球友善是BCC的企業宗旨。 淨零碳排放是世界的共同目標。 維護生態環境,走向永續發展。 作為台灣最大的晶片卡製造商,我們致力於在各個領域不斷改進和創新。 這是一張漂亮的牌,我們將把能源轉型納入政策之一,學習國際RE100精神,共同發展再生能源!