BCC eSIM & RSP solutions

1.Embedded Chip (Pre)personalization OEM Service:

. Basic eSIM data loading
. Bootstrap profile
. Certificates, Keys

2. eSIM Chip

. Chip with tech supports
. OEM design support
. Validation support
. Field Testing support
. Post-sale service

3.Remote SIM provisioning (RSP):

. Profile push / Pull via OTA
. MNO & DP / SR, DP + integration

. Profile / Application development
. Interoperability tests

MFF2 5x6 mm 8 PIN (ETSI TS 102.671)

PG-USON-8-6 2x2x0.6 mm 8 PIN (USON with 8 pins & version 6)


Remote SIM Provisioning 3 GSMA Standards

1. M2M (SGP.02):Pushed profile download via service provider platfrom direct to the device.

2. CONSUMER (SGP.22):Pull profile, could be activated with QR code or pre-provisioned on a device.

3. IoT (SGP.32):Allows users to order a profile from any operator, connecting to the relevant SM-DP.

eSIM Ecosystem

Kigen RSP Solution & Services

Service Level Agreement:

. Server solution deployed in Dublin DC operated by Interxion.
. Backups in our NOC in Belfast, UK.
. Cloud native via Kubernetes / docker deployment.
. Up to 99,9 % SLA (subject to agreement).

GSMA SAS-SM Certifications:

. Current certified Kigen RSP Products
. Kigen M2M & Consumer RSP platform solutions are fully SAS-SM
. The current certificates comprise of :

eSIM Business Flow