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Eco-friendly Section

Eco-friendly cards made from renewable resources and biodegradable materials.

Environmental News
Disposable plastics are feared to be on their way out, with the European Parliament’s latest decision to ban all disposable plastics in Europe from 2021 onwards, including plastic products such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton swab sticks, leading the world in taking action. In addition to the ban, the EU has also set a target for member states to achieve a 90% recycling rate for PET bottles by 2029, with at least 25% of PET bottles to be made of recycled material by 2025 and 30% by 2030. The legislation would save 22 billion euros (NT$770 billion) in environmental damage, 6.5 billion euros (NT$227.5 billion) for consumers and 3.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions, according to the EU.
Eco-friendly Materials

100% recycled PVC material and honored with VISA Innovative Product / Mastercard CSI certification.
r-PVC is a material that, compared to traditional plastic credit cards:
‧ reduces carbon footprint and energy consumption in the manufacturing process
‧ produces no toxic fumes when burned (e.g. dioxin)
‧ preserves natural resources and decreases the amount of waste going to landfill
‧ reduces CO2 emissions by 2kg per kg of recycled PVC


Bio-PVC has also been awarded the VISA Innovative Product / Mastercard CSI certification.
Bio-PVC is a naturally degradable plastic material. In a natural burial or composting environment with sufficient humidity, oxygen and the presence of appropriate microorganisms, it can be metabolized and decomposed by microorganisms to produce water and carbon dioxide or methane with less environmental impact.

Based on the idea of Recycle, Reuse and Reduce, the plastic waste generated by the production process in a factory or company can be recycled into secondary plastic materials through other recycling plants, which not only reduces the amount of waste generated and the burden on the environment, but also achieves the eco-friendly concept of recycling and reuse.
The GSM SIM cards we produce are made from 100% recycled ABS (r-ABS) material and are fully compliant with SVHC and RoHs requirements, and have also been awarded traceability and conformity certificates for recycled plastic material.

PETG is a non-toxic, odorless polyester material with excellent transparency and heat resistance, making it a frequently used material for cosmetic bottles. What’s more, PETG does not emit harmful gases during the combustion process, thereby mitigating the impact on the environment.

PP Synthetic Paper
The main materials are a mixture of polypropylene resin, polyethylene resin and natural stone powder that are pressed together. It is produced by imitating paper with plastic materials, does not consume any forest resources, replaces natural paper with functionality and is 100% reusable, and can be burned completely without affecting the service life of the incinerator, nor does it emit harmful gases, meeting the requirements of modern environmental protection. The primary products made from it are 7-Eleven & FamilyMart gift cards.