IC Card

Product Section
We are one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan with the capability to make IC cards and can develop products to suit different customer needs such as GSM telecom cards, bank cards, prepaid cards and membership cards with chip applications. We are also able to offer quality service in color card printing.
The core of the IC card is the integrated circuit chip, which is embedded in a small plastic card using modern micro-electronic technology, and its development and manufacturing technology is much more complex than that of the magnetic stripe card. The main IC card technologies include hardware technology, software technology and related business technology. Hardware technologies generally include semiconductor technologies, substrate technologies, packaging technologies, terminal technologies and other component technologies, while software technologies generally include application software technologies, communication technologies, security technologies and system control technologies.
The IC card is similar in appearance to the magnetic card, but it differs from the magnetic card in that data is stored in a different medium. Magnetic cards store data through changes in the magnetic field of the magnetic strip on the card, while IC cards store data through an electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) integrated circuit chip embedded in the card. Therefore, IC cards have the following advantages over magnetic cards: .Large storage capacity The storage capacity of magnetic cards is approximately 200 numeric characters; the storage capacity of IC cards varies from a few hundred characters to millions of characters depending on the model. .Security and confidentiality Information on the IC card can be read, modified and erased at will, but all require a password. .CPU cards have data processing capabilities When exchanging data with a card reader, the data can be encrypted and decrypted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the exchanged data, whereas magnetic cards do not have this function. .Long service life