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Intelligent Display Card


A one-time password (OTP), also known as a dynamic password, is a password that can only be used once. Normal static passwords are vulnerable to theft due to Trojan horses, keyboard sniffers, etc. and can undergo a brute-force attack if hackers have spent a longer amount of time on them. To address the vulnerability of the general password to cracking, we have developed an effective solution that combines an OTP with a card and a display screen, which not only prevents data leakage and misuse, but also allows the display screen to stay on top of the money balance, so you can plan your money flow effectively and add more security to the card.

OTP generation is mainly based on time difference as a synchronization condition between the server and the password generator. Use the password generator to generate an OTP when you need to log in. The OTP is discarded after the authentication is completed and cannot be reused. A new password must be used for the next authentication to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to resources.
– On-screen displays can be developed to meet customer requirements

Introduction to the features of the intelligent display card:
.The three algorithms to meet the ATM and VISA credit card standards:
1. Event
2. Time synchronization algorithm
3. Synchronization and challenge response algorithm
.Single button and multi button design
.Use of the latest rechargeable solid-state film batteries