Beautiful Card Corp (Taiwan) (BCC) was founded in Mar 1992. With the state-of-the-art card manufacturing equipment and excellent professional talents in Taiwan, we have been developing various card technologies with high quality and reasonable price since the very beginning, and are committed to constantly improving and innovating various high-end precision cards. BCC was a pioneer in the market as early as 2000, leading the way in the development of cryptographic cards. In Aug 2000, it succeeded in developing the premium cryptographic cards in Taiwan, which were mass-produced in the first quarter of 2001, spurring the market demand in advance for all kinds of cryptographic cards. BCC is now one of the top two suppliers of cryptographic cards in Asia. We joined the ranks of IC card manufacturers in 2004 and have the world’s most advanced IC card manufacturing equipment and a number of international certifications, making the company the largest IC card maker in the country.

BCC card was move into a new factory in Luzhu District, Taoyuan City (Nankan Industrial Park) at the end of 2022 and is the only factory in Taiwan with complete card manufacturing facilities. We have a wide range of high-specification printing machines, cipher machines, chip implanting machines and the world’s largest-capacity chip encoders, together with automated packaging equipment and flexible capacity planning to provide customers with premium products and services at the most competitive cost and in the shortest possible time. The consistent practices throughout the factory not only ensure the quality of our products, but also give us a head start on the market in terms of speed of shipment, which is our insistence on quality and self-imposed requirements.

BCC card production lines are fully automated and undergo thorough quality control and product testing, including rigorous inspection by taking photos and the use of various advanced instruments and equipment to test the cards. In addition, we are constantly upgrading our production processes to boost efficiency and capacity and reduce production costs in order to provide our customers with more affordable and competitive products and services, thus achieving a win-win situation with our customers.

Beautiful Card Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was born out of the growing demand for card products in the global market. Following the excellent tradition of BCC, not only does it have a good corporate structure, but with the hard work of all the staff, BCC has been ranked among the top six card manufacturers in the world in terms of the number of shipments, and its turnover has grown several times year on year, creating a brilliant result in the Taiwan card market.

In 2012, BCC (Suzhou) Co was established for the purpose of overseas expansion, modeled on the successful experience and business model of its Taiwanese parent company, Beautiful Card Corp. Our subsidiary in Suzhou is also equipped with the state-of-the-art card manufacturing facilities and excellent specialists, and is dedicated to the development of a wide range of card technologies with high quality standards, and is committed to continued refinement and innovation of all kinds of beautiful cards. With the trend of globalization, the market has been fully opened up. In order to maintain our competitive edge, our factory in Suzhou has a number of Taiwanese specialists stationed on site for supervision and guidance, with 100% of technology transfer from the Taiwanese factory. We are committed to nurturing talent, enhancing the quality of our workforce, and investing in specialist equipment and technology to expand our business sources so that the company can grow steadily and thrive. At the same time, we also uphold the spirit of BCC, with “quality,” “professionalism” and “service” as our core values, to achieve the best quality, prompt delivery, professional skills, perfect service and the development of new technologies. We have plans in place to procure various international certifications in the short term to increase our competitiveness in the international arena, to contribute to society and to challenge ourselves to be the best.

Our plant in Suzhou is fitted with the world’s most advanced and complete production facilities, including a variety of high-specification printing machines, chip implanting machines and chip encoding machines, coupled with automated packaging equipment. Our commitment to quality has been recognized by ISO 9001 / MasterCard CQM / ISO14001 and Visa / MasterCard / JCB / UnionPay / GSM SAS certifications. Our factories have flexible capacity planning and a consistent approach to manufacturing to ensure quality and speed of shipment, and that we can offer premium products and services to our customers in the shortest possible time.